The Ultimate Guide to Pet Orthotics: 
Unlocking the Power of Custom 3D/4D Printed Braces

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What You Will Learn:

Welcome to the comprehensive world of custom 3D/4D printed orthotics by WIMBA! This eBook is your ultimate guide, offering a deep dive into the intricate details of pet orthotics.

  • Explore the core objectives and significance of orthotic devices in veterinary medicine, focusing on enhancing mobility and comfort for pets.

  • Learn about different types of orthoses and their applications in treating common conditions like arthritis and spinal injuries in pets.

  • Compare traditional custom orthotic creation methods with modern 3D/4D printing techniques, highlighting the benefits of customization and efficiency.

  • Discover the revolutionary advancements in orthotics through WIMBA V-Ops, including the advantages of 3D/4D printing technology and real-life success stories showcasing its transformative impact.

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WIMBA provides a variety of 4D printed orthopedic products for animals, called V-OP, using a new measurement technique and a specialized app. This allows us to address degenerative, post-accidental, or congenital abnormalities in a way that is tailored to the specific needs of the patient.

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