Pet Parent Guide: Exploring Common Orthopedic Issues 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

8:00 PM (CET)

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What will you learn?



The webinar will focus on various common orthopedic challenges that dogs may face. Discover main symptoms, examination, treatment, and prevention methods.



Learn valuable insights to help you better understand and care for your furry friend's well-being.

About The Wimba Way

The Wimba Way Webinar Series is an exclusive set of webinars designed specifically for pet parents. Each session features experts and professionals who share valuable insights, practical tips, and the latest advancements in veterinary care. The series covers a wide range of topics, from common pet health issues to innovative solutions, promoting a holistic approach to pet well-being.


Kuba Letek, DVM

Kuba Letek, DVM, is a veterinary surgeon with a focus on orthopedics and soft tissue surgery, laser surgery as well as regenerative medicine and new-tech innovations. He graduated from the University of Life Science in Lublin, Poland, in 2006 and has since then developed a wealth of experience in clinical practice. Since 2020, he leads the Surgery and Orthopedics department at Evidensia Sørlandet Dyresykehus in Norway thanks to a strong background in advanced orthopedic procedures.

In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Letek is also deeply involved in veterinary innovation, particularly in the field of orthotics and their application in orthopedic care. As the CMO at Wimba, he is instrumental in several research programs focused on orthotics and the use of Wimba’s technology in orthopedic treatments. His work is pioneering in its attempt to revolutionize surgical and treatment protocols, aiming to improve patient outcomes and streamline clinical procedures with the help of innovative Wimba technology.